Good Reasons to Buy a Mitsubishi Lancer in Brisbane

Mitsubishi might be an old company, but it has some truly fresh and innovative car models. The automaker has been around for 98 years and over those decades, it has produced some of the most reliable and best quality cars and trucks in the world. Thanks to its years of experience in the auto industry Mitsubishi also offers drivers extensive support for the vehicle purchased from its dealerships. One of the most reliable car models in the Mitsubishi family is the Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane dealerships offer to the market.

Amongst many Australians looking for small cars, the Mitsubishi Lancer is a top favorite. It offers buyers a great combination of top end reliability, affordability, as well as good maneuverability. All these qualities give the Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane has today with a winning formula which once made it one of the top-selling cars in the small car market segment.

The current Mitsubishi Lancer is 7 years old. And in spite of being surpassed by many other cars in the same segment such as the Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and the KIA Cerato, it is still showing strong sales in the segment in spite of the car being a relatively older model.

However, the fiercely competitive small car segment also means that you will be able to get yourself a bargain Mitsubishi Lancer Brisbane market sells if you are a savvy shopper. Of course, that means you are acquiring one of the most reliable small cars in the Australian market which also comes with top quality Mitsubishi servicing and support.

It is even better that in 2015, the Mitsubishi Lancer range has been refreshed and you can now get it at lower prices which guarantee you an incredible value for money. It also comes with plenty of great standard features. Although the small car market segment generally attracts buyers looking for the shiniest features as well as the latest tech inclusions in the vehicle, if you are not too keen on these, then the Mitsubishi Lancer will offer you a great alternative.

The exterior styling of the Lancer has been balanced against its interior features and price. The car is built with the ANCAP safety rating as you would expect of a Mitsubishi car. It has a 5-year or 130,000km warranty along with a 12-month roadside assistance inclusion. You can always look forward to top quality Mitsubishi service Brisbane has whenever you have issues with your Lancer. One of the reasons why it is still popular with many Australian buyers in spite of being an antique car is that it is highly reliable and affordable to maintain. Check out Toowong Mitsubishi.

You can still drive your Mitsubishi even if you have stacked up great mileage on the vehicles so the car will be able to take in lots of daily buses. It is built with lots of safety features and equipment. Some of the standard features in the Mitsubishi Lancer models are the reverse parking sensors as well as rear view cameras.

The Mitsubishi Lancer also has great rearward visibility and this will make it easy for you to negotiate the city streets. There is enough room at the back for two adults and the ride is fairly comfortable. It has a large enough boot to suit most daily jobs. You can squeeze in two large suitcases there. There are plenty of storage options in the interior of the car too, enough for you to store bottles, cups, phones and even wallets. Every door inside the car has pockets which are reasonably sized. The cabin is a little aged though although, in the performance and reliability sector, it scores quite well. For more information on quality Mitsubishi service Brisbane has to offer, visit

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