Picking And Placing Silicon Wafers Correctly

pick and place

It does not matter what industry he or she is serving in, the occupation of the quality control or quality assurance technician is one of characteristic responsibility. He or she must be in the habit of being able to pick and place pretty much in the right spot if you will. As they say; X marks the spot. But even that is putting it a tad too complacently. It smacks of being a little on the Harry Casual side. No, one hundred percent accuracy and very little margin for error is being accounted for.

And yet still. Several thousand wafers can leave the factory floor in a single day of production. Perhaps it is still true that the mass or bulk production of goods and its materials contribute to the possibilities of containing costs but never cutting corners. But at this massive level, inventory control needs to be strictly centralized. This is now being through the use of a computerized management system.

And welcome to the world of doing things autonomously. You wonder even if artificial intelligence is the right term in this context of tightly control quality control measures. And yet it is possible for robot arms to be inspecting newly claimed materials. But still to this day it can never match the work that the naked and human eye is able to produce. So much for the fear of robots taking over the world.

Not going to happen, leastways not for a while yet. Robots or artificial intelligence are not able to provide the technical solutions sought after by industrial clients. Nor do they have the intellect to rubber stamp and approve products for use. Robots can also pick and choose should it be programmed to do so but how thin will that margin of error be?